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We make it easy to buy, sell, and access local food across Arizona. Through the Good Food at Home and Grow Your Business portals, Good Food Finder has the resources to help you: 

  • Find, eat, and grow good food at home

  • Sell and source local Arizona food

  • Grow your farming or food business

Good Food at Home

Find where local food is being sold and served in your neighborhood and learn more about about cooking, gardening, and food assistance options.

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Grow Your Business

Access tools and resources to grow your business and connect with other food producers and makers in our food business hub.

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Why Local?

Good food is all about taste and freshness. But choosing local means more than just better food. Local food builds vibrant communities, supports farmers and food entrepreneurs, protects the environment, and fosters a robust local economy. Find out more about why eating, drinking, and growing local is so important.
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