Local Labeling

Let your customers know that you’re a homegrown food producer & committed to our community.

Here are several labels you can use to leverage your localness.


Arizona Grown

Local First Arizona

Grown With Local Seed



Arizona Grown


Who’s it for? Anyone that wants to promote what they produce with Arizona Pride!

Brand Manager: Arizona Department of Agriculture

Arizona growers and farmers can proudly display the Arizona Grown logo on their products at no cost. By featuring the logo on your packaging and marketing materials, consumers can more easily identify locally grown products and actively support their neighbors through what they purchase.

Suggested Use:


Logos may be used on product packaging, sales literature, advertising, banners, etc. The Arizona Grown series of logos may be used only on food or agricultural products that were grown, raised or processed in Arizona. Non-food items must have been grown, raised or processed in Arizona.


Local First Arizona


Who’s it for? Local First Arizona badges are free for use to current members of Local First Arizona.

Brand Manager: Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona offers a wide variety of digital badges, info-graphics, logos, and images that signify that a business is locally-owned and operated, and a member of the Local First Arizona Coalition. These businesses landmarks that define our cities, create a sense of culture, and provide unique experiences that make locals proud to call Arizona home.

Suggested Use:


Logos may be used on product packaging, website, storefront, sales literature, advertising, banners, trucks, boxes, crates, etc. Use of Local First Arizona badges is permitted only for current Local First Arizona members. Learn more about membership here.


Grown With Local Seed

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.06.08 PM.png

Who’s it for? Growers who source their seeds from local sources (or save and plant their seeds!)

Brand Manager: Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

Locally grown seeds capture the essence of a place and its people, adapting to their unique environmental, cultural, and culinary character. Passed down over generations, our heirloom seeds become treasures imbued with stories and traditions. They thrive in our soil, growing hardier and more flavorful with each season. Saved and shared within a community, they serve as a bulwark of resilience and commonly held wealth in a precarious world.

Farmers who source locally- or regionally-grown seed can proudly label their products with these stickers. Keep in mind that a local seed company may still source their seed from somewhere outside of your region, so it is important to ask about the seed’s origin.

This exciting campaign is the next stage in the local food movement—a powerful statement and an inspiring commitment to creating a truly local, regenerative, and delicious food system.