Quick Tips for Tending Your Winter Garden


Original Content Written by Morgan Myers


Winter Harvest

If you’re already tired of hot chocolate and fire pits, don’t worry—December has more to offer! Outside it is cool in the morning, with nice sunny days that follow. It’s the perfect weather to put some new vegetables in the garden. We’ve wrangled up 20 plants to introduce to your edible garden this winter. With plants ranging from leafy greens to root veggies, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to check out the Garden Resources page for more info on gardening.



Winter Crops


Arugula - may be planted thick Beets - to insure good size, routinely thin Bok Choy - cool weather plant, bolts early Carrot - can be slow-sprouting Cilantro/Coriander - great companion plant, beneficial insects attracted Collards - moist, fertile soil needed, frost improves flavor Kale - harvest leaves as desired Leaf Lettuce - pull leaves as needed Leeks - well-draining soil needed Mizuna - try as 'baby' greens or full grown Mustard Greens - similar to collards and kale, frost improves flavor Parsley - slow germination Parsnip - sweeter after a frost Peas - use a trellis or other support Radish - planting 8-10 apart means steady supplies Spinach - bolts quickly Swiss Chard - pick outer leaves for continuous harvest Turnip - thin out after they start growing Tomato - does well with shade cloth



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