Get Ready: October is Farm to School Month!

F2S ChildrenOctober is National Farm to School Month, an opportunity to bolster our commitment to serving healthy local foods to children across the country. This is a time to demonstrate the role that local foods have on supporting local economies, improving childhood nutrition, and educating children about where food comes from.  

October is just around the corner. How will you celebrate Farm to School Month?


The Arizona Department of Education is here to help plan. They have launched a new Toolkit to help you – parents, teachers, administrators, and staff – plan events to celebrate the connection between children and local food.


Download the Arizona Farm to School Toolkit here


"Everything from school gardens, to cooking and classroom test-tastings, to meeting the farmers that grow their food have shown to be effective tools used to engage students in agriculture and increasing healthy food consumption."


F2S Impact

Don't be intimidated – one of the Toolkit's strategies for success is to start small and successful. Whether it's trying one new local product in the kitchen or hosting a small event, you can plant the seed for the movement. You can also ask colleagues and neighbors what has worked well for them, what the barriers might be, and how you can overcome them. Check Good Food Finder AZ for school gardens near you (more will be added in the coming months with the support of the Arizona Department of Education.)


Download the Toolkit to begin planning for your school today.


Do you have questions or need additional support? Contact Ashley Schimke, Arizona Department of Education Farm to School & School Garden Program Specialist.


Happy Farm to School-ing!