A Farmers Market a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

We’re all busy, so it’s easy to make excuses about eating healthy and cooking meals at home. However when there are farmers markets open every day of the week throughout Arizona, you’ve run out of excuses!  This is by no means an exhaustive list, just barely skimming the surface of all the wonderful markets across the state.  Head to the Farmers Market tab on the left-hand side of the homepage to view a complete list.To celebrate National Farmers Market Week, check out this guide to visiting a different, amazing farmers market every day of the week! Find fresh, local, healthy foods to enrich yourself and your community everyday.  No matter where you are throughout Arizona, you will no doubt be able to find a market near you. With over 70 farmers markets throughout the state listed on Good Food Finder, you are just a click away from mealtime happiness. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the farmers who grow your food. Without them, life would be so much less flavorful.


**Admittedly Mondays are not a very popular day for Farmers Markets, but fear not! You can still find amazing local produce to start your week off right.**



  • Uptown Farmers Market

    • 9am-1pm (October-April) and 8am-12pm (May-June). Closed July/August.

    • 5757 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ





Now that you know where to go everyday for fresh, local, sustainable and delicious produce, get out there and support your local farmers. When you shop at your local farmers markets, you know exactly where your food comes from. Talk to your farmer!They will be so happy to meet the people who enjoy the fruits of their tireless labor.  

If you feel overwhelmed by all the offerings at the market and are maybe feeling unsure about how to prepare those not-so-common vegetable varieties, check out the following resources for making your farmers market experience as inviting and delicious as possible:

Happy Farmers Market Week! Looking for more? You can find the most comprehensive list of Arizona farmers markets, as well as other places to find local foods, at GoodFoodFinderAZ.com. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more farmers market fun (and photos of delicious foods) all year long.  

ConsumersKate Radosevic