Dining in the Desert


Float Balloon Tours proudly launches their newly formed events and retreats brand, Cloth & Flame!

Photo: Ryan Lindsey

Float Balloon Tours was founded in 2013 with the intention of sharing what makes our corner of the map so remarkable, not just by flying above it, but by inviting everything that is unique about Arizona into the experience. Through rotating partnerships with local chefs, wine and cocktail makers, coffee roasters, and Valley creatives, Float combines the flavors, community, and collaborative spirit of Phoenix, with a tour aloft of some of its most stunning areas.


With collaboration and exploration at the heart of their formula, Cloth & Flame was created to provide immersive creative and culinary experiences to be savored by our state's visitors and locals alike. Their team has lived and breathed these destinations; between countless hours of exploratory flight, and an increasingly expansive network of far flung contacts, they are able to make new and unique luxury experiences accessible. No two experiences are alike, because no two requests are the same.


Desert Dinners is the first-ever regularly scheduled bespoke desert dining experience. You're invited to mingle the comfort of the dinner table and of a chef-prepared meal, with the vastness of the Sonoran Desert. It also marks the first ongoing project under Cloth & Flame.

Photo: Nicole Lee

Cloth & Flame Offerings:

[list style="style5"] [li]Destination Adventure Flying[/li] [li]Weekend Workshop Retreats[/li] [li]Luxury Camping w/Sunrise Flights[/li]

[li]Corporate Events[/li]


Desert Dinners Offerings:

[list style="style5"] [li]Bi-Weekly Dinners for Individual Reservation[/li] [li]Group and Private Dinners[/li] [li]Corporate Events[/li] [/list]

Photo: Constance Higley

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, hosting a work-related function, or entertaining company, Float Balloon Tours and Cloth & Flame have your back in Arizona hospitality.

For inquiries:

floatballoontours.com | 480-256-8695 | hello@floatballoontours.com