6 Unique Arizona-Made Foods from Farmer + Chef Connection


This year’s Arizona Farmer+Chef Connection, held September 10th in Phoenix, was the perfect place for 75 Arizona farmers and food producers to colorfully showcase their products to buyers from some of Arizona’s best restaurants, hotels, groceries and distributors who came looking to source more locally. What’s better than having ranchers, farmers, food artisans, brewers, and food producers in the same room as chefs, grocers, hoteliers and distributors from across our state? Getting to sample all of their tasty Arizona products! Here are some of our favorites:  

1. Sassy Cones


These gourmet ice cream cones are packed with enough flavor to match any ice cream. Find Sassy Cones (in flavors like red velvet, pumpkin spice, birthday cake, and more) online here or email to learn more about how to order.




This Phoenix-based tortilla factory makes corn, flour and whole wheat tortillas fresh every day “como las de México.” You can find TORTIRRIKAS at their Phoenix shop (24th St and Roosevelt) and every Saturday at Phoenix Public Market. Find them online or contact them via email.


3. THAT Brewery


Fresh from their breweries in Cottonwood and Pine, THAT Brewery’s Arizona-themed beers (including the Road Rash IPA, Strawberry Blonde Ale, and Arizona Trail Ale) are served all over the state. You can find more information about the breweries and beers online here.


4. Flavor Made Simple


From their signature Bocca Fina Abbondante spice mix to their Habanero Prickly Pear BBQ Sauce, Flavor Made Simple will add a unique and tasty spin to any Arizona meal. Learn more and shop online here.


5. Ramona Farms


Ramona Farms is well-known for their American Indian grown heirloom food products like the tepary bean, ancient grain wheat berries, heritage corn, pinole and more. The farm’s flavorful products can be found in stores and restaurants across Arizona and ordered online here.


6. Audrey’s Chia


Audrey’s Chia Cookies and Toppers are delicious and healthy additions to any pantry, making it easy for Arizonans to enjoy the benefits of chia seeds. Learn more and order at their website here.



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