Who's Who at Speed Date Your Farmer

Join us on October 12th for Speed Date Your Farmer at Agave Farms. It is the perfect event to celebrate your love of good food with some of the best folks in town: our Maricopa County Farmers!

Enjoy a gourmet, locally-sourced dinner, prepared by Chef Brett Vibber of Cartwright’s and learn what foods our local farmers grow, how they grow it, and why they do it.

Crooked Sky Farms - Frank Martin

Farmer Frank Martin has been growing pesticide-free produce in the Phoenix area since 1994 when he started Crooked Sky Farms. Frank focuses on using Heirloom seeds, natural care for the soil, crop rotation, and other sustainable farming practices.  He believes in the "Stewardship of the Land," where first priority always remains taking good care of the land, plants, animals, and people.

“Did you know the beloved I'itois onion, prized by chefs and restaurants today, became popular after Farmer Frank began growing it locally and teaching other farmers and garden enthusiasts to do so, too?  Other tasty seasonal favorites include: Purple Majesty Potatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Yellow Doll, Snow Leopard, and the mighty Black Diamond melons, prized Heirloom Tomatoes, I'itois Onions, Big Jim Chiles, Shishito Peppers, kale, mustard greens, chard, pumpkins, Native Cushaw Squash, bell peppers, and a mix of salad greens.

 Today, Crooked Sky Farms provides produce to farmer markets, CSA members, customers, and restaurants in Arizona.” 


Date Creek Ranch - Savannah Figueroa


Savannah Figueroa and partner Ryan Barteau are proudly serving all your pastured meat needs at Date Creek Ranch. Date Creek Ranch is an environmentally healthy, diverse and socially responsible cattle ranch that strives for a healthy and happy atmosphere for wildlife, people, and livestock. 

“Our biggest passion is providing you with a product you can feel good about. Health starts from our soils, and feeds everything we eat! All of our meat is hormone and antibiotic free. Our organic pick your own peaches are typically ready for harvest in July and organic apples in September. We have not used any pesticides, chemicals or herbicides on our ranch since 1983. Our ranch is totally run on solar power, keeping in tune with our goal of sustainability.

We pride ourselves in providing for our community and always encourage visitors!”

Adams Natural Meats - Kristen McGuire

Adams Natural Meats is a local Buckeye ranch that raises all natural Bison for meat production.

“Why Bison? Not only does it have a nice sweet flavor, its nutritional benefits exceed most other meat products. Bison is low in cholesterol, low in calories, low in fat, high in protein and is very versatile. Whether you are looking for a Red Meat substitute or wanting to broaden your meat choices. Adams Natural Meats would like to be a part of helping you gather around the table to wholesome and delicious meals!

Our Bison are raised on a 100% grass fed, hormone/stimulant and antibiotic free diet to provide a lean, clean, nutritious product. It's not only more sustainable and better for the Environment, it's better for YOU. We care about what leaves our Ranch to be put on your table.

Our motto, "Striving for Excellence... Growing With Pride" exemplifies what Adams Natural Meats represents in this industry.”


Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine - Chef Brett Vibber

Meet Chef Brett.png

Brett Vibber, Chef and Co-Owner of Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine in Cave Creek has a passion for bringing global and local cuisine together on his menu. Between trips foraging and working with local farmers, he is constantly showcasing the best food Arizona has to offer.

“Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine is more than a restaurant; it's a true Arizona dining experience. It is also a means for honoring the legacy of the American West. Not only do we take great pride in our food, drinks and service, we also aim to preserve Arizona’s heritage by sharing in the traditions of generations past. We fuse top quality beef, game, and seafood with locally grown produce and foraged ingredients from our own surrounding deserts and forests, and present them in a warm, welcoming atmosphere rich in Arizona History.”

Cody Brown started brewing mead as a hobby while working as an engineer. When his business took off he founded Arizona Mead Company, located in Chandler. Mead is made from fermented honey and water plus fruit and flavoring added during the fermentation and aging process.

Arizona Mead Company uses Arizona honey to produce the mead, supporting local beekeepers in Tempe and Flagstaff.


Craft64 provides local craft beer, great wine and artisan wood-fired pizza to the community from it’s Scottsdale and Chandler locations.

“The owners Josh Ivey, an advanced Sommelier; Roger Carpenter, previous owner of a popular Australian wine bar and bistro; along with Scott Hagen and James Swann both with extensive knowledge of beer and well known in the Arizona beer community, are owners and "hands on" managing partners. Together our Craft64 management team brings extensive knowledge, experience and passion for craft beer, fine wine and hand-crafted quality food with fresh, local ingredients.

We use local organic ingredients and make our own mozzarella from scratch everyday. All produce is from local farmers. Our 100% wood oven heats to over 900 degrees. We have 30 Tap handles featuring Arizona beer, extensive wine list and 50+ bottles for table side use or to go!”

Agave Farms is an urban agricultural experience in Central Phoenix spread over 17 acres.

“As a community garden, we provide an agricultural experience to the homeowners of Phoenix by providing space for community events which is free of charge. We also provide fresh produce, herbs and other edibles to residents, restaurants and chefs. We grow plants, mix soils and provide them to residents and landscapers.

It is our vision to serve as the keystone for the sustainable transformation of the Phoenix uptown/downtown area. As part of this, we regularly host events such as lectures and workshops with expert speakers from horticulture, landscaping, agriculture,  soil management, and the culinary arts.”

Emily Bell