Make an Impression at Your Next Trade Show!

When you’re vending at a Trade Show, Supplier Expo, or looking to sell your product wholesale, remember: you’re selling your brand as much as you’re selling your products. Follow these tips to make your impression and close the deal.


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  • Branding - Decorate your table with linens and props that match your branding and style.

  • Signs - Make your table visible from a distance so buyers can find you with ease.

  • Shelving/Displays - Bring layered displays you can use to show your colorful foods and products to draw the eye. Keep the product stocked in your display to create a sense of abundance. Pre-fill large vessels with filler like cardboard or straw to make them look perpetually full.

  • Be inviting! Engage with others and be friendly while you are at the event! Make yourself a part of your display with branded clothing or props, and a smile. Stay off your phone.

  • Display Your Packaging - Show buyers what your product looks like when it’s boxed, bagged, or otherwise packaged for wholesale or in retail distribution.

  • Share your Story. Everyone wants to see where the food comes from to see what they can sell their customers. Display pictures of your family, your farm or shop, and cute farm animals! Use a map to show where your farm or processing location is. You can also bring props for foods that are processed in-house (i.e. if you make cheese, bring cheesecloth, strainers, and cheese molds!)


  • Samples - Bring samples for buyers to taste and/or take back to their kitchens for testing!

    If your produce is out of season, consider bringing a preserved version (canned, pickled, candied, etc.). If you produce raw, consider bringing samples that incorporate your product.

Closing the Deal

  • Costs and Pricing - Know your costs and publish stable wholesale prices, suggested retail prices, and seasonal availability, where applicable. Bring extra copies of your price sheet for buyers.

  • Business Cards - Be sure to pass out some business materials, like business cards or flyers. You want to be sure buyers can get in touch with you!

  • Clipboard & Notepaper - Have a clipboard for potential buyers to write down their contact information so you can easily follow-up after the event and close the deal.

  • And then, be prepared to follow-up, return phone calls, reply to emails, and make sure your customer service is as stellar as your product.

Download our full list of tips here.

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