Invest in Wellness. Host a CSA!

Support your community by becoming a host for Community Supported Agriculture


What is “Community Supported Agriculture”?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is most easily explained as a weekly subscription service for local produce. Each week, a farm will box up family-sized portions of whatever is ripe for harvest: tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, arugula, green onions, and often an item or two that you’ve never heard of! Then, subscribers can pick up their box from a CSA drop-off point convenient for them.

What does it mean to “host” a CSA?

The idea is simple: you as a business, school, or place of worship can become a mini-hub for locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Each week on a designated day and time, a Phoenix-area farm will drop off boxes or crates of produce, and your employees, clients, and/or neighbors can pick up their CSA share of produce, take it home, and eat local!


Anne Costa, CSA Host

“More than anything, I loved how fresh the produce was from my CSA. It would last 2-3 times longer than what I’d pick up from the grocery store. I wanted to bring these local and organic veggies to our clients and my colleagues, and so we did. Seeing everyone find excitement in local produce, learn about seasonality, and utilize recipes really gave me a sense of purpose.”

– Anne Costa, HonorHealth Desert Mission Food Bank, partnered with Crooked Sky Farms


Basic requirements* for becoming a CSA host

  1. A minimum of 20 committed weekly customers.

  2. A champion with the ability to dedicate ~20 hours of up-front volunteer or staff time to get the program off the ground, and an additional ~5 hours per week to maintain the program during the season.

  3. A space for weekly distribution. An ideal space is climate controlled and protected from the elements, to help the produce maintain its freshness. There should be ample space to accommodate crates of produce and 2-3 tables for staging. Location should have convenient access for a delivery truck to unload, as well as reasonable parking access for people picking up their boxes.

  4. A willingness to be flexible. Your partner farm is coping with the seasons, the occasional flat tire, and the daily grind — just like the rest of us!

*Every farm has its own expectations for a successful partnership. These listed requirements are a starting point that provide a springboard for the conversation.


I am IN! What next?

1. Express Your Interest

Complete our initial interest form with your address, contact information, and a bit about your goals. Begin considering what kind of program would best serve your employees, members, or clients. Consider what types of add-ons you might be looking for — live demonstrations using CSA Box ingredients? Weekly recipes for each week’s CSA items? Let us know!

Note that we will focus on a limited number of qualifying host-sites to pilot the match program in Fall of 2019.

2. Visit another Host Site

Once we have your information, we’ll arrange for you to visit another host site during distribution time so you and your designated “champion” can get a feel for the order of operations.

3. Make Your Match

We’ll connect you directly with an Arizona farm or co-op of farmers, so you can create a CSA that’s right for you & your community. Identify a launch date, and get cooking!

Any other questions? We’re all ears!

Are you a farm interested in being paired with a business? Sign up here.