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    Find farmers markets where you can sell your product, connect directly with farms that have surplus produce for pickling (or food recovery), or discover commercial kitchen space available for rent by searching the directory.

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2. Access tools and read stories of others in Arizona to grow.


Find New Customers

Whether you are looking to increase sales at farmers markets, or meet wholesale demand, you can grow your customer base in Arizona.

Farm to School

Accept Food Assistance Benefits



There are a few things to keep in mind as you take root growing and scaling your farm and farm business.


Food Safety


Local resources can help you grow your business responsibly and keep you protected along the way.

Funding & Capital

Add Local Labels


More Coming Soon!

Up next: Resources in Liability Insurance, Transitioning to Employee Ownership, Crop Selection, Agritourism, & more!

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Farmers & food businesses at all stages of operation are provided with support, workshops, and opportunities to grow your business and connect with others. Join the facebook group here.

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Additional Producer Resources


Get Financial Support

If you’ve experienced personal hardship, we’re happy to share your crowd funding campaign and help direct Arizona’s local foodies your way.

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USDA Navigation Toolkit

A toolkit that helps AZ farmers and food producers navigate all the USDA agencies and programs that help them. Updated 2017.

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Copper Communities Local Food Toolkit

Assembled to serve as a tool for current and future food producers to increase production & access new markets, as well as for the public to navigate how to access more local food.


Copper Communities: Food Hub Business Development Plan

These plans outline the potential for producers to share costs in infrastructure investments in the Copper Corridor.