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Edible & Medicinal Oaks of Arizona: Phoenix Area

Oaks have been, and continue to be, an important source of food and medicine for millennia across the globe. That said, here in the mountains of Arizona (while relatively underappreciated) they are of particular importance due to both their sheer abundance and diversity (where approximately 13 species can be found!). And although ALL oaks (Quercus spp. & relatives) have edible/medicinal virtues some are much more preferred than others...for a variety of reasons. In this workshop we will thoroughly explore a number of Arizona's native species while focusing our attention on all three Quercus subgenera: white, red, and intermediate oaks. Through a combination of interactive lecture and hands-on activities we will delve into all aspects of the process, including: botany/I.D, ethical harvesting methods, acorn/bark processing, food/medicine preparation methods, historical & modern food/medicinal uses, ethnobotanical significance, while also covering any utilitarian potential. Both hot and cold leaching methods will be taught/utilized during class. This full immersion lecture/hands-on workshop is guaranteed to take your oak awareness and appreciation to a whole new level!

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