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Bisbee Community Table

Bisbee Community Table
Monday, October 21 @ 3pm


Host Farmer: Aaron Cardona, Arevalos Farm, McNeal, AZ
Host Makers: Tolley Rippon, Dave Tarullo & Ben Waterman, Longtable Collective, Bisbee, AZ
Guest Chefs: Ana Borrajo, Bisbee, AZ | Karina Barraza & Roberto Sanchez, Liebe Café, Agua Prieta, Mexico


In 2019, Outstanding in the Field is organizing three special Community Table street dinners across the country featuring local makers, designers, artists and craftspeople. We will recognize creativity and community and set our table down the middle of the street to celebrate. Our Community Table street events tell not just the story of where our food comes from, but also the story of the hands and hearts that bring beauty to the table.

Bisbee is one of those towns that seems to stand still in time. The winding, shop-lined streets with their old timey lamp posts and preserved signage, the bright red mountains with tiny houses studded into their slopes, and the thriving community of eclectic artisans make this the perfect locale for a long table dinner in the street. The town has a rich copper-mining past, and whispers of the Wild West are around every corner. We will celebrate the craftspeople who make up Longtable Collective (no relation to us!), and feature their beautiful ceramics at the dinner table. We’ll enjoy a meal prepared by a cross-border collaboration of chefs using the diverse ingredients cultivated by Baja Arizona farmer Aaron Cardona and other local growers and ranchers. Chef Ana Borrajo will come out from her kitchen on Main Street; Karina Barraza and Roberto Sanchez will travel north from their restaurant in Agua Prieta in Sonora, Mexico.

A portion of the proceeds for this event will benefit Step Up Bisbee/Naco.

Hosted by Outstanding in the Field.

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